Why a careers website?

In my first semester in university, I studied Peter Singer, Contract Law, Management theory and Extremism in politics and religion. I originally wanted to become an IP lawyer. Imagine my absolute confusion when I find myself pivoting into the technology sector.

I am very grateful to have found an amazing mentor in my early years of university. However, over time, I found that there was a wave of ‘new age’ digital roles that my mentor did not know about, and universities do not tell you about either. As a result, I’ve personally spent my entire career slowly moving into different fields trying to find something that I enjoy. And in addition, I’ve found myself increasingly giving career advice to young female computer science students who also don’t know what they want to do.

In my career advice conversations, I always ask about the students background and also why they enjoy the things they do. I ask about the why so that I can pull out their skill set and see what roles it would fit in. I’ve had the chance to play the role of a recruiter at SDSN Youth, and have realised many people will pick careers based off of domain or title instead of skill fit. What you get is a) missed opportunities in jobs they would have enjoyed AND excelled in and b) people underestimating their skillset as being limited to information, rather than know-how.

I have this slide that I often show about the different areas in tech. It’s pretty primal and I’ve always felt like this insight would benefit a lot of students.

As a result, I’d decided to combine these career advice conversations and my mapping of the digital sector into a website.

If you want to see more of my work, have a look at my case studies here.